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The Seven Spiritual laws of Peace – a step by step guide to creating peace within and around you

Can you remember a time when you let fear impede you from stepping forward on your journey, making you miss opportunities or procrastinate? How did it make you feel?

Think of a time when someone hurt you deeply and you just could not forgive them. How did it feel to carry around the baggage of anger, frustration and resentment you had toward them?

When was the last time you lost your temper? How did it feel when you projected your anger and negativity toward another person?

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Peace will give you techniques on how to overcome these and other situations which occur in our daily lives.

In this book, Rachel Olliffe outlines principles that you can use to create more inner peace and assist you to bring harmony in your relationships with others. Rachel shares with you the Spiritual Laws relating to:

    • the art of loving detachment
    • practising forgiveness
    • releasing anger, frustration and resentment
    • overcoming fear and removing obstacles
    • how to move through loneliness, sadness, loss and grief
    • the journey to true happiness and inner peace
    • loving yourself, your family, your community and the Earth.

You are provided with simple and easy to use tools that help you to practically apply the Spiritual Laws in your daily challenges and conflicts with others. There are visualisation techniques and helpful hints to show you how to:

    • constructively release your negative emotions
    • heal your limiting beliefs
    • protect yourself from the negative energy of others
    • cleanse the negativity you may inadvertently send toward
    • how to remove negative karma

This book will appeal equally to people starting out on the path toward inner wellbeing as those of you who have a high level of spiritual awareness.

~ Spirit Speaks TV ~

Spirit Speaks TV™ Ep 05: How to Cleanse Your Karma Created by Anger, Frustration and Resentment

In episode 5 of Spirit Speaks TV™, Spirit guides you through a karmic cleansing technique to help you release any karma you may have created by expressing your negative emotions at or toward someone else, such as anger, frustration, resentment, jealousy or envy. Spirit also explains how this karmic cleansing technique can help heal these other people from the burden of your negative emotions.

About Spirit Speaks TV™

Spirit Speaks TV™ is a TV show in which Spirit communicates the ultimate wisdom of the ‘ALL THAT IS’ through the Medium, Rachel Olliffe, directly to you.

During the first season of Spirit Speaks TV™, Spirit share their wisdom on dealing with every day issues, such as loving detachment, forgiveness, anger, frustration, resentment, sorrow, grief, fear, happiness, inner peace, tranquility and love. Spirit also provide healing meditations, visualisations and practical helpful hints, such as how to constructively release and cleanse yourself of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, how to protect yourself from the negative energy of others, how to clear the negativity you inadvertently send toward others and how to clear the consequential karma that is created.

The messages and tools outlined in Spirit Speaks TV™ are very simple and easy to practically apply in our lives. Therefore, it may be of particular interest to anyone that is at the beginning of their personal development journey toward inner wellbeing.

For those of you that have been into spiritual development and healing for a long time, you will find that the energy that is passed on through Spirit's words is quite strong, and that if you meditate while viewing the podcasts, it may help you to raise your vibration. You will also be provided with some new healing, protection and manifestation energies and techniques that you can include as part of your current repertoire of skills.

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